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Welcome to my Homepage

This site is the primary location for all internet content produced by 7ftdustbunny (Sev Dustbunny). I have recently started on the production of Youtube “Let’s Plays” which are soon to be published on my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel has several types of videos, The are some which relate to my Photography/Videography travel exploits, there others relating to Astronomy and Astro-photography, and finally there will be other videos dedicated to the upcoming “Let’s play Series” and to talk about some of my favourite games and why they are my favourites.

The Gamimg Zone

Let's play's & Games Corner

Latest Let’s Plays

This is the home of my Let’s Play I have a programme of Let’s Plays I will be starting with, and where we go from there. Will be based on the games the take my interest at the time and suggestion made by viewers. At the moment there is no plan for Twitch steams but this is mainly due to my working situation and that I would not be able to stream at regular intervals.

Videos will be released regularly, however, please note that due to my work situation I will record video many episodes in advance so if I seem a good comment or idea in the comments section it may take time before you see a reaction to it.

For those that watch the roles play games, I have played the game before unless it’s noted as blind. Therefore while it may not seem like I know what I’m doing this will be cos the character I am playing would not know this yet or ever. So please keep this in mind before commenting on things like Creeper in Morrowind or alike.

Games Corner

This is the home of my top games and some games I own but will never play again. I will do a short write up on some of my all-time favourite and maybe some of my most hated games old and new. This will certainly include the last three games in the Elder Scrolls series, and thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online, Kerbal Space Programme, Civilisation Series, Rimworld and many many others. I will try and included the good the bad and the ugly, but do remember I am not impartial this will just be my honest opinion of the game

Space & Astronomy Zone

Astronomy & Astro-photography

About Astronomy & Astro-photography

My Astronomy & Astro-photography page is where I will talk in much more detail about the telescopes, lenses, cameras, tripod filters and the many other bits of equipment I use. There are many aspects of Astronomy and what is good of one situation is not good for another there is never a one size fits all solution. It is a field that has kept me interested for many years and while sometimes I cannot follow it up for a while it always comes back around, like the turning of the planets themselves. I hope this section fills you with as much excitement and wonder as it does me as in Astronomy there is always so much more to know.

Latest Astro-photography Galleries

These galleries have some of my best Astronomy photographs, at the moment I am just being to take new images and set-up with new equipment so this involves mostly moon shoots and a few long exposure photographs but I hope to be able to update this in the future with better detailed lunar images and even some planet imaging, but this is currently a work in progress and requires clear nights and good lighting conditions (more good darkness conditions) as trying this kind of image in a town or city results in very poor image quality due to the heavy light pollution.

Please note all pictures here are taken by and are the property of Sev Dustbunny and are not available for free use, Sorry.

Astronomy Videos

In this section, I hope to be able to follow up on a bit of a new idea which is to try and add some live video astronomy. To be honest I am not sure how well this will turn out. Though even if the direct astronomy video does not work out I will make some informational videos on equipment set up, areas I pick to do astronomy, some basic how-to videos, and dos and don’ts.

I have been into Astronomy for over 20 years and have owned and used many telescopes during this time. If you have questions you would like me to answer please feel free to contact me on my contact page or comment with your question on one of my Youtube videos, and I will try and give you some answers. This will be either as a direct comment of reply or in the form of a video.

Please note all videos here are taken by and are the property of Sev Dustbunny and are not available for free use, Sorry.

Photographic & Videographic Works

Photographyy & Videography

About Photography & Videography

Click on the Title to be taken to taken to the Photography & Videography page where I will talk in much more detail about the equipment I am using and why; equipment I have but don’t use or got rid of and why along with other problems I often encounter.

Latest Galleries

This will take you to the page my latest wildlife and landscapes galleries.  Each gallery has details of where an when the pictures were shot, complete with an outline of the equipment used to shot them.

Please note all pictures here are taken by and are the property of Sev Dustbunny and are not available for free use, Sorry.


I know it's not really a word but I'm making it one! I will be trying to take nice scenic high res videos. The videos in this section will be dedicated primarily to Landscape and Wildlife, though I may put up some videos of other things I have found interesting to film and the scope may grow from there.

I will consider doing some photography guidance video if people would like to see them, if you would like me to do this please let me know in either the YouTube video comments section or through the contact page on this website

Please note all videos here are taken by and are the property of Sev Dustbunny and are not available for free use, Sorry.